Why Water Is Crucial To Weight Loss

Why Water Is Crucial To Weight Loss

Why You Should Drink Water If You Want To Lose Fat

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is the fact that they quite simply do not drink enough water.. we all know that water is beneficial to your general health, but its benefits to anybody trying to lose weight is lesser known.

It’s not uncommon for people who are really trying to lose weight, simply fail because they do not drink enough water.

Water And Fat Loss – The Facts

Your Body is Approx 70-75% Water

It might not look like it when you look at yourself in the mirror, but your body largely consists of water. Going back to basic biology, a human cell consists of around 70% water.

Water is the main component of blood, it helps to transport the oxygen and other nutrients around the body – essential for its healthy functioning.

Water Has A Direct Effect On Fat Metabolism In Your Liver

The most important organ in the body when it comes to fat loss is the liver, its responsible for fat metabolism (the process in which fat is broken down and used for energy)..

Think of your liver as the main filter for your body, it removes toxins and metabolic waste, and what does the cleaning? you guessed it – water!

If the liver is deprived of water, it will become clogged with waste and toxins, and it will not work as efficiently..

With the liver being responsible for the way it deals with fat, when it’s not working properly, it will not process fat as efficiently, severely effecting your ability to lose weight.

Water Is Essential For Proper Digestive Function

To burn fat effectively, you need to have a fully functioning digestive system, water is essential to clean the GI tract (the series of organs that go from your mouth, down through the stomach, intestines and your bowel) and clear the body of metabolic waste.

Without it you will seriously reduce the digestive tract ability to process nutrients in your site and fuel your body.

Your GI tract uses healthy bacteria and microvilli to take and process the nutrients from the food you eat.

If you disrupt the balance of good bacteria and overburden the GI tract with too many toxins, sugar, artificial ingredients and proceed foods, it can affect the entire process and it will certainly not work as efficiently…

In a nutshell, everything is connected and if you allow any part of your body to become hormonally unbalanced, it can and will affect other crucial areas within your body.

Water And Your Hormonal Balance

Your hormones are ultimately responsible for your fat loss and their effects can dramatically be affected by your food choices and of course your level of hydration.

If you do not drink enough water, you will compromise both your organ and digestive functions, which will then impact the hormonal balances that affect fat oxidation

As an example, by not drinking enough water, you will allow your liver to get clogged with toxins and metabolic waste, the lack of hydration will make your liver struggle to work efficiently, effectively putting your body under stress..

Your body responds to stress by raising the release of the stress hormone cortisol, this in turn reduces hormones such as testosterone and increases insulin production – and its common knowledge that increased Insulin means reduced fat burning.

The entire process of fat burning (oxidation) is totally dependent on the body having the right hormonal balance – and hydration is one of the key components to help make this happen.

Water And Oxygen

Water is primarily made up of oxygen – we all remember the chemical symbol for water from our school days – H2O..

In order for the fat burning process to occur, oxygen needs to be present, so the better you are at delivering oxygen to your cells, the more likely you are to burn unwanted fat and lose weight.

The best way to boost oxygen supply to the cells – yes you guessed it – Water. Its role in this is rooted in the basic functions of the bodies processes.

How Much Water Do I Need To Drink

Most of us have head the old adage of 8 x 8oz glasses of water per day to help keep healthy, and although  it’s a really good starting point for sure its actually nowhere near enough to really keep your body functioning correctly.

To really find out how much you should be drinking to help you lose weight, a good calculation is this:

Multiply your bodyweight ( in lbs) by 0.55.. This will give you your ideal target in ounces of water that you should be drinking per day to maximise the hormonal aspect of the fat burning process…

When you do the maths, it will seem to be a hell of a lot, but when you consider just how much fluid you lose every day just with perspiration and general respiration while active (walking and climbing stairs for instance) you will be surprised how much your body actually needs… If it workout, you will be losing even more.

As an example, a active man weighing 11 stone (154lbs) should ideally be drinking 280oz of water per day, assuming that you are awake for 16 hours per day, that works out at a large glass of water every hour.

Even if you can get somewhere near this level of water intake, you will see the benefits.. our suggestion – buy a water bottle with graduated measuring markings, that way you can closely monitor your water intake..

You might have to work on increasing your water intake, but the rewards and benefits will be worth it.