What Are Fat Burners

What Are Fat Burners

The ability to burn fat is dependent on a number of factors, from genetic predisposition and body shape, to hormones and general health.

That’s exactly where fat burners come in. We’re here to give you the lowdown on the easiest and safest way to burn excess fat, whilst also conserving the results of your hard work.

What Are They?

Fat burners are natural supplements that increase metabolism and energy to increase the amount of calories you burn, and/or reduce appetite. Over time, the consumption of fat burners results in weight loss.

How Do They Work?

It depends on the type of fat burner you choose. Thermogenic fat burners work by increasing your metabolism for a few hours after consumption, so your body burns more calories, even when you’re not exercising (a bit like a challenging high intensity interval training workout).

Other fat burning supplements work with your fat metabolism by sending signals to your body to release hormones like epinephrine. They break down the fats in your body so they can be used as fuel, rather than being stored as fat. However, as it’s fuel, it needs to be used to be released as energy, so make sure you work out (or just take a brisk walk) or it’ll be stored as fat.

What ingredients should I be looking out for?

  • Green Tea – (690 mg) helps to elevate norepinephrine (a fat burning hormone) levels leading to an increase metabolic resting rate
  • Caffeine – increases your body’s use of calories as energy (there’s caffeine in green tea!) and signals the breakdown of fatty acids to be released into your bloodstream, so it can be used as fuel. It’s also an appetite suppressant
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Increases insulin sensitivity, which lowers blood sugar highs and lows so your body is less likely to store carbohydrate or sugar rich meals as fat. A study also revealed individuals who drank one tablespoon over a 12-week period had reduced belly fat, a smaller waist, lower blood triglycerides (a fat found in the blood) and weight loss.
  • 7-Keto – this is a non-hormonal substance that your body naturally produces. As we age, the amount within our system decreases. By supplementing this decrease, it increases your metabolic rate so you can burn fat. It also helps with protein synthesis so you’ll preserve more lean muscle.
  • Cayenne – the compound found in red peppers or chilli’s.. We are all away of the heat that it provides when we eat it, but what you may not be aware of is how it increases our body temperature, increasing our natural metabolism and as a direct result, increases the fat burning processes. On of the first natural compounds (aside from caffeine) to be harnessed and used in fat burning supplements.

So that’s your quick lowdown on fat burning for optimal results. Don’t forget that fat burning supplements aren’t a substitute for a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise – but they can often be the extra help that you need.

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