Skinny Gal Rockstar Fat Burner Review

 Skinny Gal Rockstar Fat Burner Review

Rock A Hot Body With Skinny Gal Rockstar

There’s no avoiding that if you’re looking to shed the pounds, there’s no alternative to hard work and discipline. But there is something that can possibly help accelerate your results. A decent fat burning supplement like Skinny Gal Rockstar.

What’s more, it claims to be just the ticket. A potent fat burner boasting a natural blend devised by women, for women This supplement claims to up the body’s thermogenic properties to trigger fast, safe fat loss.

In fact, Skinny Gal Rockstar claims to be the most powerful diet pill available. This is quite the claim! Not unusual in the fat burning supplement world, we grant you… let’s see if it delivers in reality.

Skinny Gal Rockstar’s Formula

The manufacturer gets half way here – while the ingredients contained in Skinny Gal Rockstar are disclosed, we only know the quantities of half of them.

The rest are cloaked up in an unknown proprietary blend – while this isn’t unusual in this industry, it makes it very difficult to evaluate how effective a supplement is likely to be.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (40mg)
  • African mango (25mg)
  • CLA (15mg)
  • White kidney (10mg)


Plus a Proprietary blend (totalling 235mg) – containing unknown amounts of: 

caffeine, raspberry ketones, green coffee, hoodia, 5-HTP, turmeric, guarana, rhodiola, cayenne pepper, apple cider vinegar, papaya, L-arginine HCI. 

Directions for Use

Things couldn’t be easier here – take one capsule a day before a meal.

User Reviews

Feedback from people that have tried Skinny Gal Rockstar are a complete mixed bag.

There are lots of positive feedback on Amazon, citing strong appetite suppression, elevated energy levels and rapid, effective weight loss without feeling hungry.

Before and after examples look really impressive too.

But that’s not all there is to it.  While there isn’t quite as much negative feedback, there is still plenty. Many testimonials claim that the positive reviews aren’t legitimate**.

Negative reviews claim that this product is completely useless, does nothing at all and is a total waste of money. What’s more, scores have people have suffered varying horrible side effects when using Skinny Gal Rockstar. More on this below.

** Amazon does have a reputation for using professional reviewers to write positive reviews in return for free products. Now we are not saying that this is the case with this product, but we feel that you should bear this in mind when taking into account such feedback

Reported Side Effects

User testimonials unearth a whole spectrum of unpleasant side effects. One woman even claiming she ended up in hospital after using Skinny Gal Rockstar.

Reported side effects include Chest pains, elevated heart rates, stomach cramps, bloating, kidney pains, anxiety, sickness, dehydration, nausea, fatigue and disrupted bowel movement .

Where To Buy Skinny Gal Rockstar appears to be the main stockist here. Here you’ll find a tub which looks to contain a one-month supply for $29.99. Its not apparently clear how many pills this contains, though.

Cashback GuaranteeThe product’s Amazon listing talk about a 100% satisfaction guarantee where you’ll receive a refund if you’re not happy with the results you experience. The details however, are not provided unless you actually place an order.

Our Thoughts

We are not great fans of companies that use proprietary blends. it is impossible to know if there is enough of the key ingredients in the mix to actually have any effect. With 12 ingredients crammed into just 235mg, you can be totally sure that this is the case with this product. Just do the maths.

With the right amounts the formula in Skinny Gal would most probably be really effective. But in its present weak form, its not going to be that effective, and independent user reviews do tend to confirm our feelings.

Not For Us..

Alternative Product

Leanbean is a purpose made, dual action fat burner and appetite suppressant that works at hormonal level to help active women lose that hard to shift body fat.

Using a clever blend of essential stimulants (but no caffeine) and a clinically proven appetite suppressant alongside several crucial fat burning vitamins and minerals that work in synergy with the female body.

It offers a fully disclosed formula and a lengthy 90 day cash back guarantee

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