OxySelect Pink Advantage Review

Oxyselect Pink Advantage Review

Is OxySelect Pink Advantage The Real Deal?


With what feels like millions of diet supplements out there claiming to be the perfect side kick to whip your New Year’s body resolutions into shape, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to work out what’s the real deal.

Here we take a look at OxySelect Pink Advantage, a diet pill that claims to deliver exactly what you need to bust excess fat while delivering a ‘unique beauty blend’ that supports healthy skin. As far as details go it’s pretty thin on the ground, but we won’t write it off just yet. 

So how likely is OxySelect Pink Advantage to help you reach peak body in time for summer? Let’s take a closer look.

OxySelect Pink Advantage’s Formula

We’re impressed that everything is fully disclosed by the manufacturer in terms of the formula – after all, who doesn’t want to know what they’re putting into their body? Here’s what’s on offer per serve:

  • Vitamin C (60mg)
  • Vitamin D3 (1,000IU)
  • Vitamin E (15IU)
  • Niacin (2mg)
  • Folic acid (200mcg)
  • Vitamin B12 (2mcg)
  • Chromium (500mcg)
  • Green coffee bean extract (200mg)
  • Irvingia gabonesis (150mg)
  • Caffeine (150mg)
  • Raspberry ketone (100mg)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (50mg)
  • Ginger root (10mg)


Directions For Use

Take a capsule half an hour before breakfast and a second half an hour before lunch. Never take more than two pills in any 24 hour period.

User Reviews

While there are some positive reviews from people who have tried this product, we’re struck by the fact that the majority of reviews are negative.

Good reports mention decent lifts in energy, metabolism support, good appetite suppression and good overall support with weight loss. A number of the positive reviews don’t really delve into any detail.

Most people are unhappy, however, that despite taking as directed and alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise these pills haven’t helped at all in terms of weight loss, and claim that this supplement is a complete waste of time and effort with no results whatsoever.

There’s also no mention of any improvements to skin, as the manufacturer promises.

sample feedback courtesy of amazon

Reported Side Effects

We’ve tracked down numerous reports of nausea, shakes, stomach pains, digestive issues, jitters and headaches in relation to this product.

Where To Buy OxySelect Pink Advantage

We’ve only managed to track this supplement down at Amazon Here are a couple of sellers offer the product for around $43.00 for a 60 capsule tub.

Cashback Guarantee?

We haven’t found any mention of a money back guarantee with this product.

Our Thoughts

Not blown away to be honest, there are some decent ingredients in the mix, but the bulk of the user reviews do tend to tell us that its not that effective.. maybe the balance is wrong, maybe there isn’t enough of the actual fat burning ingredients in the mix ( there are a few that aren’t normally seen in weight loss pills to be honest) whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to deliver on its claims… We can’t put our finger on it, this product just does not seem to work for the majority of users….

It might work for you…. it might not… guess you pay your money and take your chances with this one.. just bear in mind the numerous reports of side effects..

If you don’t fancy it, or want to buy something that is proven to work, and  that offers no side effects, then take a look at our recommended Fat Burners page.. these product listed have all been evaluated and are known to work really well, with no adverse reactions and a lengthy cash back guarantee to boot…

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