Orlistol Fat Burner Review

Orlistol Fat Burner Review

Can Natural Really Match Prescription Diet Medication?


It’s little surprise that the world of fat burning supplements is fertile breeding ground for dodgy products, full-on scams and everything in between – after all, who doesn’t want to look and feel slim and confident?

Separating the wheat from the chaff, then, can feel like a real challenge in such an oversaturated market packed with hyperbolic claims.

Here we take a look at Oristol, a fat busting supplement by Nutratech that claims to copy the safely and naturally mimic the effects of the prescription weight loss drug Orlistat. It promises fast, sustained weight loss without any dodgy side effects – but does it perform?

Orlistol’s Formula

This supplement makes a bad start with its formula – this fat burner is yet another example of a supplement that choses to hide the quantities of individual ingredients in favour of a mysterious proprietary blend.

While we know this totals 725mg, we have no idea what the individual quantities of each of these ingredients are:

Chitosan, phaseolus vulgaris, apple cider vinegar powder, garcinia cambogia extract, G. sylvestre, aloe vera extract, California Buckthorne.

Directions For Use

Strangely enough, we haven’t managed to find any usage guidance for Oristol.

User Reviews

There’s an almost overwhelming amount of reviews here.

Some of these are super positive, with strong reports of fast changes in body shape thanks to powerful appetite suppression, fat burning and heightened energy levels.

But there’s also plenty of negative sentiment – countless reviewers say that they’ve experience nothing at all when using this product, and claim it’s a scam.

What’s more, many of these people say that they received no support from the manufacturer and that they satisfaction guarantee offered online doesn’t exist in reality.

There’s also lots of talk of positive reviews having been written in return for free product (commonplace on amazon in particular), so we don’t really know what to think or believe here!

Reported Side Effects

We’ve found a few reports of abdominal cramps, stomach upset, acne and sickness.

Where To Buy Orlistol

You can pick up Orlistol directly from the manufacturer, Nutratech, at Nutratech.com. A tub of 60 capsules will set you back $39.99 (£29.00) here. While it was previously available at Amazon.com, it’s unavailable at the time of writing.

Cashback Guarantee?

Products bought directly from the manufacturer are covered by a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with them. Simply get in touch via the manufacturer’s website to receive a return merchandise authorisation so your request can be reviewed and approved (or not). Any postage is non-refundable.

Our Thoughts

We hate proprietary blends, you have no idea if there is enough of any of the key ingredients in the mix to have any effect – quite simply you have no idea what you are taking…

The only really well know weight loss ingredient is garcinia cambogia, it was featured on the Dr Oz TB program for its ability to help reduce hunger pangs as well as trigger fat burning… that said, we don’t know if there is enough it it for it to actually have any effect…

Another ingredient – Chitosan surprises us, as to why its even in the mix… there is no documented evidence pertaining to any weight loss ability.. its more commonly used to treat issues like Gum disease, Crohn’s disease, High cholesterol and Kidney failure.. Its sourced from shellfish so this makes the product unsuitable for anybody with seafood allergy..

Overall, Orlistol offers nothing of any real substance, and we find it hard to recommend it in any way..

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