5 Natural Thermogenics That Aid Fat Loss

5 Natural Thermogenics That Aid Fat Loss

What Are Thermogenics, How Do They Work, And Which Ones Should I Choose?

If you were to google fat burning supplements, a phrase that you will see time and time again is thermogenics…..

But What Does It Mean? And What Are They?

Thermogenics are natural compounds that help to increase the bodies natural fat burning process by initiating something called Thermogenesis..

In simple terms this is where the bodies temperature increases slightly, triggering an increase in the natural metabolism, where the body demands more energy.

As a direct result of this, the body starts to look to the stored body fat cells to provide it with the additional fuel it needs for the increased energy demands.

It sounds complicated but its actually a very simple and totally natural process

There are many fat burning products out there that you can take to help boost this process, but this is the problem, there are just so many products out there, many making wild, often unsubstantiated claims and promises that its hard to now which is what, and what products to trust.

The key really is in the various formulas of these products, with a little bit of knowledge, its pretty easy to recognise products that should work, and those that don’t…

Here Are 5 Thermogenic Compounds That You Should Be looking Out For

Green Tea Extract – Green tea has fast become one of the go-to products for any body looking to lose weight, aside from its numerous health benefits, it has a very effective effect on the bodies natural fat burning processes…

Especially when combined with Caffeine, its key component ( known as EGCG – epigallocatechin gallate) has been proven in clinical trials to boost metabolism and therefore fat burning.

Studies have demonstrated that green tea alongside caffeine can generate an extra 3lbs weight loss over 12 weeks when compared to those taking caffeine on its own. One study actually recorded just over 7lbs fat loss over the 12 week period.

Another benefit of taking Green Tea is the effect it has on carbohydrate absorption ( it reduces or slows it) and by improving the function of insulin, actually increase fat burning further.


Found in coffee, tea and other food stuffs, its the main stay of many good fat burning supplements, it helps to stimulate metabolism and increase the release of stored body fat for use as energy producing fuel..

It can enhance energy reserves, helping those whoworkout in particular, as well as help improve focus and mental awareness. It can reduce the use of carbohydrates, and can increase the fat burning effects of such ingredients such as the afore mentioned green tea.


(Capsicum Or Red Chilli Pepper) – Most of us like the hit that a little bit of chilli gives us when we eat out, but did you know that the heat found in red peppers is a natural thermogenic? it helps to boost our body temperature, increasing metabolism and by default, the natural fat burning process.

Red Chilli was one of the first natural thermogenic compounds to be used in supplements (aside from caffeine) and still remains one  of the most effective)

Green Coffee

Another popular ingredient, the natural, un-roasted coffee beans (in their green form) contain high levels of a substance called chlorogenic acid..

This works in two ways. First off, it reduces the amount of glucose that is absorbed by the intestine, secondly it actually reduces the production of glucose into the blood stream by the liver..

With less glucose in the body, the body the turns to the body fat stored in the adipose tissues as an extra source of energy instead of glucose.. Click studies have shown that users taking Green coffee for 60 days experienced 5-6% weight loss. Recommended daily doses range between 100 and 400mg before a meal.


The mineral Chromium helps to support healthy insulin production, which helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, which in turn is essential for a healthy and effective metabolism.

Experts suggest that a daily dose of around 100-150 mcg is essential to help support weight loss

Our Advice – Look For A Fat Burning Supplement That Contains Some (or Preferably All) of the above ingredients

Three other effective ingredients to look out for include:

  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Gardenia Cambogia
  • CLA

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Ones To Avoid

There are two ingredients in particular that we strongly advise against… The first is a substance called Yohimbine (aka Yohimbe Bark or Raulwolfscine) it is banned in many countries across the world, but rather strangely, is still legal in the US… It does however feature on the FDA’s dangerous ingredient list for its links to some rather unpleasant (and some potentially fatal) side effects, (Increased blood pressure, heart issues)


The second is Synephrine (AKA Bitter Orange, or Citrus Aurantium) commonly used in a number of fat burners as a direct replacement for the effective, but banned substance Ephedra, it lacks any extensive human studies and many industry experts believe that its likely responsible for the same side effects that saw Ephedra banned in the first place…(Headaches, Nausea, Anxiety, High Blood Pressure, Strokes, and Seizures to name a few.)